Tell the European Commission: Drop BlackRock!

The EU says it wants to protect people & the planet.

But the EU Ombudswoman just established that the EU Commission was wrong in picking world leader in fossil fuels investment BlackRock as an adviser on climat regulation due to blatant conflicts of interest!

BlackRock is a shareholder of 18.000 companies with a record of systematically voting against measures good for people and the environment. It also holds shares of some of the worst climate-harming banks and companies: HSBC, Barclays, BNP Paribas, Crédit Suisse, RWE, BASF, Exxon, Glencore etc.

Let's ramp up the pressure on the people responsible to make them DROP BLACKROCK!

Tell the European Commission: Drop BlackRock!

Write to the EU Commission on social media now!

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