Tell RWE and BlackRock to stop the destruction of churches for coal

Germany, November 2021. 

Between the cities of Aachen, Düsseldorf and Cologne lies the single biggest source of CO2 of the whole of Europe: the Garweiler II open cast coal mine, exploited by the company RWE and financed, among others, by BlackRock and Deutsche Bank.

This Sunday, November 28, 2021 the local Catholic parish will officially desecrate the 3 village churches of Keyenberg, Kuckum and Berverath. They will remove all ritual objects, the tabernacle, communion vessels, the altar. Then the keys of those 3 church buildings will go to RWE. 

The press is silent about this. But we cannot stay silent.

Because for over 20 villages, places of worship and history have been disappearing for this coal mine which only furthers climate destruction.

A local grassroots religious movement called “Kirche(n) im Dorf lassen” ("Leaving the churches in the villages)" together with GreenFaith, a multifaith grassroots organisation for climate justice is calling attention to the tragedy and injustice of this.

Will you join us?

Please - share your prayers and support online! This weekend, your prayer tweets will be shown publicly in the villages. Make them count!

Tell RWE and BlackRock to stop the destruction of churches for coal

TELL RWE & BLACKROCK to STOP the destruction NOW

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