Freeway through a forest? NO WAY!

For decades people have been trying to protect an old-growth forest from being destroyed by a new highway. Over the last year, people have moved into the forest - starting with a few tree houses and blossoming into villages - living together with nature. They have come a long way but the German government is evicting people from the forest, cutting down trees, jeopardizing a local water reserve and providing a playground for pollution and climate change. 

Forests play a decisive role in the fight against global warming, absorb CO2 and provide homes for a myriad of plants and animals. Instead of building ever more highways, we need to increase our efforts to make transport climate and forest friendly.

But instead of supporting the fight for climate justice and living in a way that restores our connection with nature, the government is tearing down treehouses and kicking out their inhabitants, alongside the felling of trees and destruction of forest habitats. In a number of cases, safety guidelines for the cutting of trees have been blatantly disregarding putting people in danger.

Freeway through a forest? NO WAY!

Stop the expansion of Autobahn A49!

The more noise there is, the harder it will be to uproot the trees - and the treehouses.

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