Tell Rishi Sunak & President Biden to ACT NOW to SAVE ALAA!

Last Tuesday we received a heartbreaking letter from British-Egyptian pro-democracy activist Alaa Abd el-Fattah from prison in Egypt. He told us as 1st November, he will be dropping the 100 calories a day that have been keeping him alive, and will switch to a full hunger strike.

As of Sunday 6th November - the first day of #COP27 in Egypt - he will stop consuming water as well. He could die within a few days of this - right in the middle of COP27.

Alaa is not bluffing, he's fueled by hope to be reunited with his family and rage at the 9 years stolen from his life unjustly imprisoned in Egypt.

Alaa has been on a partial hunger strike for over 200 days - in that time the UK has had 3 governments, all of whom have let us down, failing even to gain the most basic consular access to him.

With only a few days until COP27 begins in Egypt, we're asking British politicians and world leaders going to attend the conference - are you really prepared to let Alaa die on your watch?

There is still a chance to save him.

Help us urgently make noise by tweeting at British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and President Joe Biden to tell them to ACT NOW to save Alaa before #COP27.

Tell Rishi Sunak & President Biden to ACT NOW to SAVE ALAA!

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