Tell Kwasi: #StopJackdaw and all new oil and gas projects

Greenpeace is taking the government to court to overturn their approval of Shell’s new gas project, Jackdaw. Every time the government acts unlawfully to push through fossil fuel projects, Greenpeace will be here to challenge them in court—but that work is only part of the fight to stop the government opening up new fossil fuel projects. We need you to join us and apply pressure on the government to ban all new oil and gas projects, which will do nothing to lower bills during this historic cost of living crisis and will only make the climate crisis worse. 

We’re taking the government to court because they approved Jackdaw without checking the full impacts it would have on the climate. By refusing to consider a majority of the emissions from Jackdaw, the government is sending us further down the path towards irreversible global warming. That means more extreme weather events like the heatwave we just experienced here in the UK and the heat waves, floods and droughts that have continued to cause death and destruction globally. 

Thousands of people are tweeting at Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng (the guy responsible for approving new oil and gas projects) right now—can you join them?

Tell Kwasi: #StopJackdaw and all new oil and gas projects


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- Use the hashtag #StopJackdaw

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